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Are you having trouble figuring out a way to install TVs on your wall or speakers in or outside of the home? Get your home ready with professional TV and Speaker Installation with PTech Solutions. Contact us today to find out more.

We offer smart home experts that specialize in TV mounting, streaming device set-up, speaker installation and much more, they work to personalize these aspects of the home to your specific needs and will listen and put to life the vision(s) you have set.

Whether you want to mount your TV on the living room wall, into steel studs, or even a cement wall outdoors there is a mount for it and our specialists know the correct way to mount them. PTech solutions can help you find the best place for where you'd like your TV displayed.


All of our packages start at $85

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At PTech Solutions we make it our number one priority to deliver our services in an easy and cost-effective way. 

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